Hypoglycemia is a disorder of the Central Nervous System caused by low Blood Sugar.  
It occurs mostly in Toy Breeds.  Hypoglycemia can occur without warning when a puppy
goes to a new home, misses a meal, does not eat a full meal, becomes chilled, overtired,
or exhausted from too much handling or playing, and shipping.  
Signs to look for are as
depression, weakness, being wobbly or jerky, sleepy all of the time.  The neck
appears stiff and in a locked position, and the body may soon appear the same way, the
teeth may be clamped tightly, convulsion, seizures, or coma may occur which can result
in death.

Do not keep your puppy away from food for over an hour. This means, if you are
traveling, make sure the pup has food near so it can eat every few hours. DO NOT let
children take the pup out for hours and play, play, play. this uses stored energy and
burns calories....and also if the pup is out of it's playpen for hours, it is more than likely
not near food.

The blood levels of glucose must be restored immediately!  DO NOT hesitate, your
puppies life is at risk.
If your puppy is concious and can swallow, give 1 cc of honey
on it's tongue and let it swallow it little by little. DO NOT put excessive amounts, the dog
will then choke , suck it into it's lungs, and then you will have lifethreatening pneumonia
set up.  If the puppy is not swallowing, rub some on it's gums every 5 minutes until it
improves.. DO ALL of this on the way to the vet if the puppy is not conscious.

All of this can be avoided by simply making sure your puppy eats correctly.  When you
pick up the puppy from the airport, immediately give him/her 1cc of honey and have a
jar of Gerber, stage 2, chicken or turkey, ready to feed.  I will supply a tiny 1cc syring in
the crate with the puppy when it arrives.  If you do not find one. a syringe can be
purchased from any pharmacy, or you can buy the over the counter syringes used to
dose childrens medicines (measures in cc's and teaspoons)